Gaskets, Foam, Rubber and Insulation Materials est.1994

Gaskets, Foam, Rubber and Insulation Materials
Exceptional capabilities exist for providing unique and cost effective solutions for your gasket, foam, rubber, and insulation applications. Engineered Materials, Inc. offers an extensive product line, including silicone gasket material and rubber gasket material products, in order to meet your specific requirements.

Materials for gasketing applications include foams, rubber, silicone, fiberglass, silica fiber and ceramic fiber, high temperature tapes, rope, tadpole gaskets and more. Materials are available as extruded profiles, die cut, fabricated, laminated, woven or sewn.

Flexible foams available include open and closed cell foams, urethane ester and ether, polyethylene, sponge rubber, Poron, melamine and more.

Specialty insulation, high temperature textiles, coated textiles and laminations are available for applications including thermal, acoustic and other requirements. Materials are available slit to width, die cut, fabricated, bonded or sewn into finished parts or as bulk rolls.

Materials covering a wide temperature range are available to meet diverse requirements.

160 F Urethane and polyethylene foam provide cost effective solutions.
250 F Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile, SBR and other rubbers.
600 F Silicone rubber, HiFlex 400 foam, coated fiberglass and laminations.
1000 F Fiberglass paper, textiles, and insulation.
1200 F Mineral coated fiberglass.
1500 F Min.Mat mineral fiber products.
1800 F Silica fiber products.
2300 F Ceramic fiber products.

See our Capabilities page to learn how we can convert and fabricate materials to meet your specific application requirements.

A full range of products is available to meet all types of requirements. Please contact us to discuss your application requirements.