Engineered Materials Inc.

is an established company supplying custom fabricated products and distributing and selling materials to the industrial marketplace.

Our company was established in 1994 and has demonstrated consistent growth by providing value and meeting the needs of our customers. We work to provide cost effective technical solutions to our customer’s demanding problems.



Products & Capabilities Include:

• Industrial tapes such as foam, foil, double coated, transfer, and high temperature materials for mounting, bonding, sealing, joining, assembly, cushioning, and thermal protection.

• Sealants and Adhesives such as silicone RTV and polyurethane sealants, butyl tapes, contact adhesives, hot melts, cyanoacrylate instant adhesives, expanding foam sealant tapes, and more for sealing, bonding, and product assembly applications.

• Gaskets, foam, rubber and insulation materials including flexible foams, rubber, fiberglass, laminations, high temperature textiles, coated textiles, specialty insulations, and more. Materials are available in bulk form or cut, bonded, molded, sewn, fabricated, and more. From soft and flexible to high temperature resistance, we have materials to meet your requirements.

• Structural composites and sandwich panels for commercial and industrial applications. Materials include foam, fiberglass, and honeycomb core, fiberglass composites, and more. Features include fire resistant materials, insulated panels, and light weight structure. Design and fabrication of complete systems.