We laminate a wide variety of materials combining pressure sensitive adhesives, films and foils with foams, rubber, insulation and other substrates. Our highly-effective process includes web handling, heat assist, and pressure to effectively bond a wide range of materials with consistent results.


Using high-speed controlled equipment, we precision slit a wide range of materials, including industrial tapes, PSA, foils, foams, rubber, insulation, plastic films and more.


We can fabricate on rotary equipment to provide parts kiss cut on rolls with a tabbed liner or unique lamination constructions.


We can provide cut parts to meet a full range of requirements including individual die cut parts, parts kiss cut on pads, wide format cut, laser and water jet, flash cut or other dieless CNC cut parts.


For increased production productivity, we can take your slit to width tape and provide it level-wound on a spool of several thousand feet, so you can avoid costly roll change outs.