Polyester Fiber Thermal and acoustical insulation able to handler higher application temperatures than conventional insulation.
Non Woven Glass Fiber Insulation providing optimal thermal performance up to 1000 F. Can easily be die cut for specific application needs.
Fiberglass Yarns Provides outstanding insulation for continuous protection up to 1000 F. Great for joint or pipe insulation applications.
Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Yarns Gasketing and insulation material that is rated at 1000 F and remains stable up to 1500 F for demanding high temperature applications.
Silica Tape 96% pure amorphous silica for the ultimate high temperature protection. May be used as a substitute for ceramic in some applications. Continuous protection up to 1800 degrees F.
Ceramic Fiber Paper For use in applications up to 3000 F, product has excellent dimensional stability. Great for applications where low thermal conductivity is imperative.
160 °F Urethane and polyethylene foam provide cost effective solutions.
250 °F Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile, SBR and other rubbers.
600 °F Silicone rubber, HiFlex 400 foam, coated fiberglass and laminations.
1000 °F Fiberglass paper, textiles, and insulation.
1200 °F Mineral coated fiberglass.
1500 °F MIN Mat mineral fiber products.
1800 °F Silica fiber products.
2300 °F Ceramic fiber products